DYNOR - B400

DYNOR - B400

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DYNOR use simplicity as the best tool to measure horsepower and to tune any motorcycle at a competitive price. We include all extras so you can start making money with your business, from tuning to power runs to diagnostic faults on newer EFI motorcycles. You can take it anywhere, shows, demos and races, just attach it to your car/van.

Easy, accuracy and power.


Specs and features:
- Single roller design
- 1000Hp and 300km/h capable
- 800mm X 400mm
- Calibrated drum for best load simulation
- Reinforced tube chassis
- Compact and lightweigh

Full extras included:
- Whether station
- Bosch LSU wideband 
- Boost/Vacuum 60Psi/4Bar 
- OBD input 
- CAN input
- Free software and hardware lifetime updates